Ethos and Atlas is a source of inspiration for everything adventure, sustainability, and living local. I hope to encourage people to get outside more & support their local communities.

My Story

I had my first taste of travel when I was in college and studied abroad in Paris in 2011. After I graduated in 2013, I started my career as an IT consultant. With my big girl money I went on a few more trips abroad with my best friends before temporarily moving to Hawaii (on the corporate dime) to help out on a project. When my Hawaii gig was up, I moved to Atlanta, GA and although I had a lot of friends there I craved the island lifestyle I left. So after six bittersweet months in Atlanta and an incredible backpacking trip to SE Asia, the stars aligned and I had an unexpected offer to come back and work in Hawaii.

I should note that Hawaii is in my blood. My mom was born and raised on Oahu and I have a lot of family roots on island. Living here made me more active, I found myself waking up early just to watch the sunrise, and overall felt at home. It might sound a little cliche, Hawaii IS known for being one of the happiest places on earth, but it changed my way of life.

Which is what brought me to write this blog. I’ve learned to appreciate nature by spending my time hiking in the beautiful mountains or exploring the pacific ocean. Occasionally, I pretend I can surf. I’ve also learned that living in a tourist destination has an impact on the island that I’ve grown to love. I’ve found passion in supporting local farms, restaurants, boutiques and all things made with aloha.  This passion has inspired me to change my day-to-day way of life as well as change the way I travel. Whenever I spend time in another town, state, or country, I want to submerge myself into that culture and absorb what I can with the least impact on the environment. I hope that through documenting this new found journey, it resonates with at least one person to embrace ethos.