Top Three (Local) Beaches to Visit on Oahu

Beach Essentials:

First things first. IF you’re going to hang out at the local beaches in Hawaii, you should [try] to look like one. Below are some of my favorite beach essentials that I ALWAYS have with me.

Sunbum is an environmentally safe sunscreen. Good for your skin, good for the ocean.

I usually wear a 7-7.5 in regular shoes and can fit a XS/S fin, it just depends on how tight you want your strap. I never go to the beach without these! They’re great for snorkeling (and cute too)

What beach do you go to without sunnies? But be warned: DO NOT WEAR THESE IN THE OCEAN!! I’ve had too many friends visit Hawaii with their new shades just to have them lost to the big blue. Not good for your wallet, not good for the ocean.


I’m sure you’ve all heard of the Waikiki beaches on Oahu. While they’re beautiful in their own touristy-jam-packed way, there’s a lot more of the island that’s worth exploring. Below are recommendations of my favorite beaches on Oahu. The vibes of each location are typically more low key & relaxing (usually with a beer in hand).

locals beach sipper, Oahu

locals beach sipper, Oahu

1. Log Cabins: Part of the Seven Mile Miracle that North Shore is famous for (due to the incredible surf), tucked between Pipeline and Keiki’s, is a beautiful stretch of beach that isn’t quite as crowded as Sunset or Pipe. We typically post-up here for beach BBQ’s and watching the boys surf. Great place to relax with a few beers for the day.

Log Cabins, Oahu

Log Cabins, Oahu

2. Yokahama Bay: On the west side (best side) of the island. Beautiful views of the mountains behind you and the crystal clear ocean in front of you. Mostly locals set up with their tents and grills. So, don’t go here and act like a kook. Respect the aina. If you don’t know what a kook is, you probably are one, and should steer clear of this beach.

Yokahama Bay.

Yokahama Bay.

Makapu’u Beach: This gem is located on the east side of the island and it’s not typically crowded. It’s a great spot to relax after hiking the Makapu’u Light House trail. If you go here, make sure to pack a cooler with some snacks and beverages!

Makapuu Beach

Makapuu Beach

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    Makapuu beach is so beautiful:) Need to check it out. Thank You for sharing!

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    Theses beaches are freaking beautiful I really want to visit.

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    Love the pictures! <3

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