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August 2017

Hiking The Pali Notches

Pali Notches Chimney.

Getting There The Pali Notches is one of the more intense hikes on Oahu. To get there from town, drive on the Pali Highway and follow the signs for the Pali Lookout, or the Nuuanu Pali. Or, simply type Pali Lookout into your GPS. It’s about a 20 minute drive from Honolulu. There are two entrances leading up to the trail. The more inconspicuous one is in front of the paid parking meter. The hike is relatively short and can…


Island Life

An Unforgettable Hawaii Proposal

I haven’t posted in a while because July was INSANE. I’m pretty sure 99% of my friends on this island were born during this month so between camping trips, boat parties, BBQ’s, and dinners I’ve barely had time to catch a breath (a lot to complain about, I know). And on top of all that, my best friends boyfriend and I were planning their PROPOSAL IN HAWAII! Chase reached out to me at the end of June telling me his…


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