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Hiking The Pali Notches

Pali Notches Chimney.

Getting There The Pali Notches is one of the more intense hikes on Oahu. To get there from town, drive on the Pali Highway and follow the signs for the Pali Lookout, or the Nuuanu Pali. Or, simply type Pali Lookout into your GPS. It’s about a 20 minute drive from Honolulu. There are two entrances leading up to the trail. The more inconspicuous one is in front of the paid parking meter. The hike is relatively short and can…

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Island Life

Makapuu Trail to Tide Pools

Makapuu Tidepool

As mentioned in my Oahu Favorites post, one of my favorite spots on island is the Makapuu tide pools. The tide pools are a little detour from the ever popular Makapuu Lighthouse trail on the east side of Oahu. How to get there: If driving from Honolulu, park at the Makapuu lighthouse trail entrance on your right. Try to get there early as parking fills up rather quick. Start at the paved road and continue walking up. This is one…

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Island Life

Big Island Lava Flow

Volcano National Park

The closest thing you get to a road trip living in Hawaii is island hopping. Sometimes you need a little motivation to book a flight (even though its only a 20 minutes each way). Mine was to see the lava flow into the ocean on Big Island. The lava had been pumping for the past month and when I was there in April for my birthday we went to the lava fields, but no gooey magma was witnessed. I had…

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