An Unforgettable Hawaii Proposal

I haven’t posted in a while because July was INSANE. I’m pretty sure 99% of my friends on this island were born during this month so between camping trips, boat parties, BBQ’s, and dinners I’ve barely had time to catch a breath (a lot to complain about, I know). And on top of all that, my best friends boyfriend and I were planning their PROPOSAL IN HAWAII!

Chase reached out to me at the end of June telling me his plan to bring Nora out to ask her to marry him. Not gonna lie, it was hard to keep it a secret because I was SO stoked. He said he wanted to take her on a hike and I immediately thought of Crouching Lion. Although, it wasn’t my proposal (sometimes I get a little too excited) so I sent him some other options and waited for him to get back to me after he did some research.

After we narrowed down some options he decided on Crouching Lion because it was a relatively short hike (~1.5 hours total) and the views are absolutely incredible.

The Proposal

After the hike we planned a beach picnic where champagne bottles were waiting to be popped and haiku leis were ready to be worn. (BTW if anyone EVER needs a haku lei, plz let me know- my girl Nicole Nagasawa makes the absolute best on island)

In order to keep the surprise, my wonderful boyfriend Kevin and I schemed a plan to tell Nora he had to go into work later that day so we would drive separate. The night before Nora and Chase arrived we stuffed Kevin’s truck with all the things needed for their romantic engagement picnic (pillows, blankets, champagne glasses, etc.)

Boho Engagement Picnic

Boho Engagement Picnic

Beach Picnic

There’s no such thing as a bad view in Hawaii, but there are definitely more touristy beaches around the island. We decided to go to Bellow’s Beach, because it’s typically less crowded than other beaches and the back drop is stunning.

Bellows Engagement Photos

Bellows Beach

Bellows Beach

FYI: If you’ve never been to Hawaii, it can be difficult to find a proposal spot based on social media. Since Hawaii is composed of multiple islands, it’s challenging to figure out what is where. Additionally, the hikes here are very different to trails on the mainland. They’re much more rugged and the more beautiful hike entrances are usually hidden (or illegal). One of the challenges was finding a hike that wouldn’t be completely exhausting, had a great view, and wouldn’t be jam packed with tourists/people. Below is my list of recommendations if you (or anyone you know) have plans to propose on Oahu.


Mokuleia: On the North Shore of Oahu, beautiful mountains in the back, and crystal clear ocean. Not a crowded beach compared to the more famous beaches on Oahu such as Pipeline, Waimea, and Sunset.

Kaneohe Sandbar: If you don’t have access to a boat, I would recommend kayaking out here. The water is incredible and there’s so many photo ops.


Crouching Lion: On the East Side of the island. Hidden trail but shorter than most others. The trail is not maintained so only go if you’re with experienced hikers or are an experienced hiker yourself.

Koko Crater Arch: Easy 45 minute hike that’s usually empty.

Kualoa Ranch: Not a hike but a beautiful area on the island. For this site, you’d probably have to call and make a special request/tour for a proposal.

Feel free to drop a comment if you have any questions!

I should also note I’m not a professional photographer (or aspiring to be one) and this is not a promotional post. I just want to share this awesome moment between two people I love πŸ™‚ Congrats again Nora & Chase!!Β 

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