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Hanging shelf on reclaimed wood

The majority of my blog posts focus on the great outdoors and travel but I’d like to take an opportunity to come back to living a sustainable lifestyle. If you’ve read the ‘About Me‘ page on the site then you know I am all about living local, supporting small businesses and striving for environment friendly products. I also try to up-cycle as much as possible and am always looking for DIY projects.

That being said I recently moved from my condo in Waikiki to a house out in Pololo Valley. I definitely caught the decorating bug and got a little obsessive, but instead of running to IKEA, Costco, or any big retailers for all my furniture I got on Pinterest and started looking at ways to make my own furniture and decor.

Disclaimer: I have wonderfully talented boyfriend whose family happens to own a flooring business on Oahu. So we decided to use reclaimed wood from old flooring materials in their warehouse and pallets from shipping containers to design our interior.

In addition to the furniture we’ve been taking pottery classes for the past year so all of our ceramic pieces (no matter how lopsided or as I prefer ‘abstract’) are also made by yours truly. We also started making our own candles and succulent planters using empty wine and beer bottles. Crafty crafty couple.

I was slightly worried about Pinterest fails but all of our projects turned out AMAZING. The following list consists of everything we’ve made to date. I’ll create a detailed DIY post for each soon!

  • Pallet CouchPallet Couch
  • Pallet bedPallet Bed
  • Surfboard Art
    Surfboard Art

    Surfboard Art on reclaimed wood

  • Hanging Shelf (80% of the items on this shelf were handmade, the cacti planter and cork holder were both made from cutting wine bottles in half and the incense holder is the top of a tall boy)Hanging shelf on reclaimed wood
  • Triangle standing shelf
    Mini Triangle Shelf

    Mini Triangle Shelf

    Triangle shelf made out of reclaimed wood flooring

    3ft Triangle shelf made out of reclaimed wood flooring

  • Yarn MacrameYarn Macrame
  • Ceramic decor

    Ceramic ring holders

    mini ceramic pots

    mini ceramic pots

  • Blanket Ladderblanket ladder made from reclaimed wood flooring
  • Necklace HolderNecklace Holder
sustainable projects

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    June 13, 2017 at 10:44 pm

    Everything looks lovely. I love that it’s all unique and reflective of your personal style. You and Kevin make a dynamic couple!

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