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November 2016

Makapuu Trail to Tide Pools

Makapuu Tidepool

As mentioned in my Oahu Favorites post, one of my favorite spots on island is the Makapuu tide pools. The tide pools are a little detour from the ever popular Makapuu Lighthouse trail on the east side of Oahu. How to get there: If driving from Honolulu, park at the Makapuu lighthouse trail entrance on your right. Try to get there early as parking fills up rather quick. Start at the paved road and continue walking up. This is one…

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Island Life

Kakaako Farmers Market – Shop Local

Fresh Produce at Kaakao Farmers Market

Kakaako Farmers Market: If you don’t already know, Hawaii is expensive. Almost everything we have on island is imported. As part of my mission to help make a sustainable Hawaii {and save a couple bucks} I always try to get my groceries from the farmers markets around the island. During the week I shop at one near my work but the weekend markets are my favorite, especially the Kakaako Farmers Market. So whether you’re on vacation or living here- this is a…

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Shark Dive, Oahu

Galapagos Shark

So you might think diving into shark infested waters without a cage is a little crazy. However, I’m happy to report that I’ve done this twice and made it out in one piece. This has nothing to do with actually being a mermaid, either. Now hear me out, sharks aren’t pets nor are they domestic in any way (and rightfully so) but they are truly majestic and powerful creatures of the ocean. You would think that the entire experience would…

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